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KATEX Innovative patented tool for instantaneous internal cutting of tubes, particularly useful for fixed plate-type exchangers.

Use of the Kattex ensures a clean result and in very little time for the purpose of dismantling or partially retubing a tube bundle during maintenance.

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MATEX TS The new Matex system, intended Mainly for demanding users, is similar to the traditional MRS configuration and consists of: Digital microprocessor controller and Matex ts Pro/2300;

Matex R motors low voltage safety rolling machine (as with the EC regulations) complete with suspension;F/308 telescopic spindle.

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800/1200 Series Tube Expanders The MG-series variable depth tube expanders have been designed for rolling tubes in heat exchangers. They are driven by pneumatic or electric rolling machines with torque control produced by Maus Italia.

As with all Maus Italia products the MG-series tube expanders are of the highest quality.

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F90 V3 The F/90V3 permit the automatic compensation of tolerances which the always found in the diameter of the tube sheet holes as well as in the tube gauges.

The calibration of the control unit carried out during suitable preliminary tests makes it possible to have a sure and uniform tightness of all the tubes at the working pressure of the thermal exchange units.

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Featured Manufacturer

Featured Manufacturer

Featured Manufacturer

Our tube expanders and accessories are fabricated by MAUS to North American standards and our customers are treated to quick deliveries from our large local inventory. We provide overnight service on 90% of our tube expander line and have the ability to modify and customize the tube expander equipment to any special requirements immediately.

We are in the process of placing large inventories in strategic markets nationwide We inventory, service, rent and sell sophisticated rolling systems both pneumatic and electronic featuring the MATEX 2300, the only system of its kind featuring full Siemens controls on all phases of tube expansion. We have sold only the highest quality heavy duty tools and tube expanders since 1976. We have tools for industrial applications and heat exchanger fabrication. We guarantee we can get you the right tool for the job the first time!


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