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Toll Free: 800-331-4013

Web: www.mattsco.com

crew members

Left to Right: Eric Clower, Randy Benson, Bill Bowles

Press Release

Coming Soon: Mattsco Tool Center

Mattsco Supply Company is excited to announce its expansion into the industrial tooling industry through the purchase of all major assets of Tool Center Inc. in Tulsa, OK. With this purchase, Mattsco Supply Company will form Mattsco Tool Center to be led by the previous CEO of Tool Center Inc., Bill Bowles.

Along with the acquisition of Tool Center assets, Mattsco Supply Company has signed a preferred distributor agreement with Elliot Tool Technologies to provide tube installation equipment, tube removal equipment, tube testers, tube plugs, and other accessories for the heat exchanger and energy markets.

In addition, Mattsco Supply Company has formed a distributor relationship with Top Cat Air Tools to provide industrial grinders, scalers, and accessories for the manufacturing industry.

Over the next few weeks, Mattsco Supply Company will be transferring Tool Center Inc. assets over to Mattsco Supply Company, working on other tooling distribution agreements, and preparing to formally launch into the tooling segment by August 10, 2020.

Mattsco Supply Company was founded in 1975 by the Mattox family and offers a variety of pipes, valves, and fittings for industrial and oilfield use. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mattsco boasts over 98,000 square feet of warehouse space and 7 acres of pipe yard.